About Karen Wells


Karen B Wells

Atlanta, GA, United States

Therapeutic Exercise Coach Karen B Wells, BS, is the only Advanced MELT Instructor in GA. She started MELT Atlanta (WWW.MELTATLANTA.COM) in 2007 after earning all HER MELT Certifications. She assisted Sue at Conventions in NYC, CA, and GA. She is one of the original MELT trainees studying directly with Sue in NYC. Karen is certified in Reformer and Mat Pilates, Functional Flexibility and BodyART. Karen works at MELT Atlanta and GA Tech. Karen conducts MELT Workshops for all types of people including dancers like The Alvin Ailey Dance Company and ADF. Karen’s focus is holistic when she creates a life plan for living better from the inside out. THE RESULTS – BETTER POSTURE, MORE ENERGY, DECREASED PAIN and EASE OF MOVEMENT. She has helped clients with chronic neck pain, back pain, hand pain and foot pain. No matter what your fitness level is – SHE CAN HELP YOU! For more information or to order MELT equipment – contact http://www.meltatlanta.com or 1step@bellsouth.net / 678-665-9088.

MELT No Pain, All Gain