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The MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit includes everything you need to start feeling better now: 6 MELT Treatment balls (2 of each size), 1 Bunion Reducer Band, a 60-minute DVD featuring MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann, and an illustrated instruction guide, all in a convenient travel case.  – All balls are non-toxic and latex-free.

Soft Foam Roller

The MELT Method uses a specially designed soft body roller to simulate the results of hands-on manual therapy treatments. These techniques hydrate and lengthen connective tissue, rebalance the nervous system, promote healing and detoxification, decompress the neck and low back, improve core stability, mobilize joints, stimulate organ function, increase flexibility, and much more.

This is the only roller designed specifically for the techniques of the MELT Method, offering gentle compression without unnecessary discomfort. The roller is 36 inches long and 6 inches across.



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